About us

Mozaic was founded in Istanbul, Turkey. A city that has been home to many cultures for centuries, and is now thriving with diversity and cultural expression.

Sam Yesilbagciyan, is the President and Owner of Mozaic. He has over 30 years of experience in the accessories industry.  In 1985 Sam Yeslibagciyan took over the reins of a family business, which, had been the leading provider of individually hand crafted items for more than 50 years. He introduced state of the art technologies that facilitated the creation of a modern day company-Mozaic. Its mission statement is, "The introduction of a new era of design in the gift and costume jewelry market".
In January 2007, Mozaic was introduced to the global market and soon after in 2008 Mozaic USA launched in North America. 
Sam's sister Juliet Ratyosyan, being a citizen in the United States for the past thirty years, helped Mozaic USA bring East and West together. Due to high market demands and world wide appeal, Mozaic USA introduced new designs that were created to bridge the gap between ancient Eastern (Ottoman) styles and eclectic Western styles. This creation introduces energetic and elegant designs that are more suitable for our customers’ modern lifestyles. These unique patterns are designed to bring new life to the accessory world in the United States.  


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